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Tommy Tuberville Not Making His QB Choice Public

At one point we were all laughing as Tommy Tuberville insisted that Munchie Legaux was making it a race with Gunner Kiel. In November we know why Munchie made it a race, because he has played some of his best football as a Bearcat in recent weeks. So it is no surprise that Tubs is keeping a lid on things

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Tubs first made his lack of a decision in Munchie Legaux v. Gunner Kiel 2.0 on the AAC coaches teleconference. Tuberville planning to, and stating publicly that he plans to play both makes a ton of sense. It has been almost a month* since Gunner Kiel finished a football game, he was knocked out against both South Florida and Tulane. To be fair Gunner sat most of the second half against SMU due to the margin on the scoreboard. From the coaches perspective until they see Gunner finish a game on his own they have to at least see him finish a contest on his own before they can assume that he will.

*The Miami game was the last one where he went wire to wire

With that in mind it makes perfect sense to plan for an eventuality where Munchie will play a role in the game, possibly a big one or only in spots. The size of that role really comes down to how much healthier Gunner Kiel has gotten during the Bearcats break. Tuberville's weekly press conference is underway as we speak, and I am sure that he will provide more information on the subject with the local media.