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Cincinnati and Nebraska Set Basketball Back 40 Years

Oh and Nebraska won, but that's beside the point

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Look at this point the wool should be fully removed from everyone's eyes. Whatever talk Mick spits about changing the way that the Bearcats play is irrelevant. He is incapable of coaching an offense that is, in any way shape or form competent. Not even good, A good offense would be the moon to Mick at this point.

So this is what we are going to have for Bearcats basketball for the foreseeable future, unwatchable basketball on a scale that beggars belief even on the level of generally hard to watch college basketball. The problem is that Mick has no idea how to coach offense. Or if he knows how to he has no interest in coaching it. So these kind of games are going to be endemic.

That's fine if the only goal is to win games on a game by game basis, Mick has proven that UC can do that. But if he ever wants UC to get back to a final four, make regular runs deep into the tournament or, heavan forbid, win a national championship he needs to get better coaching offense. The bottom line is that UC can't win big playing like this. Something has to give but here is the thing, nothing will