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Bearcats Drop Military Bowl To Virginia Tech


Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

That was not an altogether pleasant experience. The Bearcats came out like a team on fire and went right at the Hokies vaunted defense. They had a lot of success early on, but not enough to truly put themselves in the drivers seat of this game. Instead the Bearcats continued to let the Hokies off the hook in the first quarter. By the third quarter it was the Bearcats who where on the hook following yet another game ending injury to Gunner Kiel.

With no Munchie Leguax* to turn to the Bearcats were out of options. UC put up more yards and averaged more yards per play than anyone the Hokies played, save East Carolina. But the injury to Gunner Kiel, and the Bearcats three turnovers that lead directly to 10 Hokies points were simply too much for the Bearcats to overcome in their hobbled state.

*out with a knee injury incurred during bowl preparation