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Shaq Washington and Munchie Legaux Receive Additional Years Of Eligibility

Munchie will have another season to play while Shaq Washington has two more years of eligibility.

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David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

It is great news that Munchie will at least get the chance to play again for the Bearcats. It is doubtful that Munchie will be able to get close to full health in time to join the competition for the starting job with Bennie Coney and Gunner Kiel, but simply seeing Munchie take the field again would be a phenomenal thing to see.

If anything the word on Shaq Washington is even better. For broad stretches of last season Shaq was simply the best and most consistent offensive contributor to the team. The only guy that can make an argument to being more consistent game in game out would be Eric Lefeld. Now we get too more years of Shaq, not to mention two more years of Mekale McKay, Max Morrision, and Chris Moore. The only people who are more excited about this than I am reside in the quarterback meeting room with Eddie Gran and Darrin Hinshaw.