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Mick Cronin Gets Raise And A Contract Extension

Looks like Mike Bohn has hit the ground running. A week after watching UC knock off UConn at home before a raucous crowd the new AD has extended Mick Cronin through 2021

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Joe Robbins

It goes without saying that this is huge. At this point there can be no more doubting about Cronin, the last four years, this year in particular has made it as conclusive as anything can be, Mick Cronin is a great coach. He wants to be at Cincinnati, he deserves to be at Cincinnati and we now know that he will be at Cincinnati going forward.

If the 2.2 million dollar base figure is indeed the number that would make Mick among the 20 highest paid coaches*, and he has earned every penny of that. As always it will be interesting to see how the incentives shake out, and whether there are ties to addressing the Bearcats arena issues. My instincts say yes. Regardless, big day for UC basketball.

*Those figures are from last years study from USA Today, and all of them have annual raises, so I don't know exactly where Mick stands in relation to this year's salaries, but it is almost certainly in the top 20 nationally.