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Friday Funnies in February

What better way to end the week than to laugh at a couple random things regarding the University of Cincinnati?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Valentine's Day, DTDers! Whether you're single and lonely or taken and worried - we're here to share the love of all things Bearcat.

1. Someone shoveled the UC logo onto Ohio State's field. This gets an "A" for effort; that's certainly a new one for me. With all the history between Michigan and OSU, I'm surprised little ol' UC could cause such a stink up there. When it comes to the actual design of the snow art, it obviously gets a "C". It looks like something I made on an etch-a-sketch in 3rd grade. A full blown C-paw would have really knocked this out of the park. But you've gotta love the balls it takes to break into the Horseshoe. Bring on the "thug" comments...

2. Have you checked out the Sammi Show yet? Cronin's 7-year old daughter is going straight Barbara Walters on the men's basketball team this year. You can check out the first episode here, and I've linked the second below (cuz it's the better of the two, honestly). No softballs in her interviews; just watch Jermaine Lawrence shift in his seat...

3. Mick got his squad all up in a tizzy a few days ago. This was a much-needed week off for the Bearcats. Rather than tell the team ahead of time that they weren't practicing on Monday, Cronin sent a text the day of:

"I heard there were guys running around University Park Apartments screaming for joy that they had another day off." - Mick Cronin

Time to get back to work, though...

4. This one has nothing to do with the Bearcats, but I felt like I needed a fourth item. So in the spirit of laughter, I went with one of my all-time favorite videos: the worst sports announcer ever. It's like driving by a car wreck on the highway - you can't look away. Happy Valentine's Day, folks!