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Cincinnati Students Will Have Awesome Attire For Saturday's Clash With Louisville

So awesome that it has already inspired deep seated jealousy from a person who in general does not give a moments thought to how he looks on any given day, me.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports


I for one predict a roaring Ebay and Craigslist trade in the coveted shirts to break out at the conclusion of the game. To to the game, watch UC beat Louisville, sell shirt for handsome profit. Seems like a no brainer, and it will definitely happen.

This is a another great advertising idea from the Bearcats marketing department which did great work under Whit Babcock, and is continuing that under Mike Bohn. Before you ask this is not against NCAA rules as they are not for sale from the university, and are done with the consent of Justin Jackson.

Last night did provide some clarity on the origins on JJ's trademark mug. This is his father.


(h/t Bearcats Blog)

Like father, like son.