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Cincinnati Bearcats Spring Practice #1 News Round Up

Today the Cincinnati Bearcats opened up spring practice for season number 2 of the Tuberville era at UC.

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Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

-- Ralph David Abernathy IV has moved to slot receiver. I guess that answers the question that I posed the other day, it will be RDA4, and that is a good move for everyone involved. I still think that RDA4 will spend some time as a runner this year, (perhaps in the new wildcat look Gran broke out with Shaq Washington at the helm?) he is simply too dangerous a threat as a runner to take off the table completely. But he will be back to playing in space in 2014.

-- RDA4 moving to receiver would have given the Bearcats just two scholarship running backs in Tion Green and Hosey Williams. Two is obviously not enough for a season so Rod Moore is back at running back after being shifted to cornerback at the end of last season.

-- Gunner Kiel and Jared Evans began their competition for the starting quarterback job in earnest today. Kiel took the majority of the first team reps and was by most appearances the more accurate passer of the two. But that was today, in shorts, jersey's and helmets with no contact. That's an ideal scenario for a tall pocket based passer, and it takes Evans legs out of the equation. Evan's needs to make a case that his mobility gives the Bearcats a dimension they don't currently have.

-- Jeff Luc has shifted to MIKE linebacker to replace the dearly departed Greg Blair. That must have been the plan from the start. It was clear that Luc was not a natural outside linebacker a year ago. There was a ton of twitter criticism of Luc during games a year ago but I thought he played pretty well for being out of position. I have not yet done a deep dive into what Hank Hughes likes to do defensively, but I do know that he loves to bring pressure with his linebackers. Luc played a limited number of snaps a year ago as a defensive end on passing downs so that should be right up his alley.

-- No longer with the Bearcats; Bennie Coney, Travis Johnson, Trenier Orr, and Cory Mason