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Highest Heights Under Cronin

With the AP and USA Today polls out, UC is 7th in both

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

Admittedly, after UC lost handily at New Mexico and embarrassingly to that team from Norwood, I was afraid this would be a lost season.  Well, that all seems like a distant memory.  Since then: 14 wins in a row, several quality wins, 10-0 in AAC play, and (if you need it) a #7 ranking in both major polls.  #7 would be the highest yet under Coach Cronin and highest in 10 years.  Yeah, sure polls don't mean much when it comes to post season seeding, but it's all about image.  Recruits see it, fans see it, former fans who rooted for Kansas State and now West Virginia see it and burn inside.

Aside from perhaps Steve Fisher at San Diego State, I'm not sure there is a better National Coach Of The Year candidate.  But I'm sure since Mick isn't a "sexy" name, it'll get awarded to someone with TONS more talent.  And there are many, many, many programs that can boast that.  Either way, let's keep riding this wave because it could end at any time.  Unlike last year, I can't imagine anyone not enjoying the hell out of this team of little engines.