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Bearcats Name Mike Bohn Athletic Director

The former AD of the University of Colorado was introduced this afternoon ahead of the Bearcats tilt with Connecticut

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

If you were going to make a list of qualities that the Bearcats should have looked for it would include the following

  • Fundraising experience
  • Managed a conference transition
  • Extensive experience at a power 5 institution
  • Experience securing corporate sponsorships for the department

Bohn checks all the boxes. The Bearcats have made no secret of their intentions of late. There have been plenty of overt and less overt moves to make the Bearcats appeal to a power 5 conference. Bohn is simply the latest of those signals. A guy who is a known commodity in multiple conferences and has a strong connection with the corporate behemoth in Connecticut that doesn't really need to be named. Bohn is simply a rock solid hire for this era of the Cincinnati athletic department.