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Tales Of Sean Kilpatrick Being Awesome


Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

(continues cackling)

(regains composure)

For the uninitiated, though I can't imagine who could possibly read this site without being initiated, the Oscar in question is Oscar Robertson. The greatest college basketball player of all time. The guy who has the national player of the year trophy named after him. You can find Oscar courtside for nearly every single Cincinnati home game. He has been sitting in the same seat at the end of the scorers table for years.

He is also not shy about imparting his wisdom on the Bearcats donning the red and black as he does. Oscar isn't exactly shy about it either, if you are near floor level its kind of hard not to hear. Asking most UC players what Oscar talks about will cause diverted glances and nervous laughter. Sean Kilpatrick tells the best college basketball player of all time to relax. Sean Kilpatrick is awesome.