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Recap: Mustangs 76, Bearcats 55

In a game uglier than the score indicates, the Bearcats see their 15-game winning streak come to abrupt halt

We feel your pain, Mick
We feel your pain, Mick
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

It had to come to an end at some point, right?  They weren't going to end the season on a 31 game winning streak were they?  As much as we'd like to say "HELL YES" it's just not reasonable.  After watching them get destroyed against Xavier way back in December, I expected that same story several times since then.  Fortunately it hasn't happened...until last night.

So the winning streak came to an end.  Boy did it ever.  SMU was laying in wait last night, and it was the perfect (well not so perfect for UC) storm as the Bearcats looked tired and completely disinterested in playing a team looking to make a national statement.  It happened.  No big deal.  No need to overanalyze it.

What I Liked:

  • (This section is going to be pretty short) SK got his 22 points and pretty much looked like the only one who cared.
  • Justin Jackson managed to score 10 points and grab 9 rebounds...before fouling out.
  • Outrebounded SMU 31-26 and even had 16 offensive boards.  At least they showed a little heart there.
  • Kevin Johnson got some time on the floor and made a bucket.
  • They get a week off before hosting Houston at Fifth Third Arena
  • Yeah, that's a pretty much it.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Everything else.
  • 4-24 from three-point range.  WAY too many attempts out there especially when they weren't connecting on any.
  • Continued lack of support from the role players like Shaq Thomas, Jermaine Sanders, Troy Caupain, and now Jermaine Lawrence adds to the list.  This team can beat Houston and UCF without major contributions from these role players, but they will be a first weekend out unless they find a way to get these guys going again. 
  • 19 turnovers.  Wow that's terrible.  Just terrible.
  • Lack of poise or composure.  They got down and instead of continuing to work the ball around and in the lane, they decided to chuck three pointers.  Then when the refs decided to put their stamp on the game, UC appeared to lose their cool and then things kinda mushroomed on them.

Every so often you just play a bad game while your opponent plays a nearly perfect game.  Happened December 14, happened last night.  Tip your cap, move on, try to regroup and take it out on the Houston Cougars next Saturday.  In the meantime this team really needs this week off.  They've played more conference games than everyone else in the league so they are due this time off.  Hopefully the re-charged batteries will help SK, who has carried this team over the last 3 weeks, and his supporting cast.

Man, these losing recaps suck.  Thankfully it's been a while since I had to to one.  Let's hope I don't have to again.  Remember, another 15-game winning streak means UC is National Champions.  No I'm not counting on that, but I won't complain.