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Sean Kilpatrick Named AP First Team All American, Consensus 2nd Team All American

The selection confirms SK as a consensus All American, albeit on the second team. Kila is the 7th Bearcat to earn consensus All America honors.

Joe Murphy

I have run out of things to say about Sean Kilpatrick's season. That in and of itself is exceedingly rare for me. But just seeing SK get rewarded for all of the work that he has put into his game this season is great. SK is just the 7th player to be named an All American. The others are Oscar Robertson, Ron Bonham, Danny Fortson, Tom Thacker, Kennyon Martin and Steve Logan. The Big O was a three time consensus All American, Bonham and Fortson were also named to multiple All America teams. It is some very impressive company that Sean Kilpatrick keeps. The end of the season did not go the way that anyone wanted, but this is an acceptable consolation prize.

Russ Smith and Shabazz Napier also made the first team giving the nascent AAC three on the first team. The last time a conference had three First Team AP All Americans was the AAC in 2001 with Shane Battier, Jason Williams and Joseph Forte.