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Elijah Stewart Will Visit USC This Weekend

The visit will be his third official since being released from his letter of intent to Loyola Marymount in the wake of the Max Good firing

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Its good that Stewart made his visit to Stillwater without committing. Its less good that he is taking another visit, presumably his final one, this coming weekend. The University Park campus was the first place that Stewart visited after being released from his LOI to Marymount and will be the final place that he visits before he is expected to sign. That could change in the week to come, but for now that is the going assumption. Thats not an accident, USC seems to be in a good spot with Stewart.

Where does that leave the Bearcats? With a scholarship to fill for the class of 2014. One of their targets is Lyrik Shreiner who has yet to visit either of his final two, UC being one and Washington State the other. A theory is that Shreiner's spot was taken by Farad Cobb and that the staff is waiting on Stewart. If they miss out they could pocket the scholarship for next years class which would give them three scholarships to work with in the class of 2015. Just a theory.