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Elijah Stewart Commits To Southern California

And the Bearcats top remaining target for the spring session of the 2014 recruiting class is off the board.

Steve Dykes

So, with the release of Jermaine Lawrence the Bearcats were to have one scholarship on hand for a prospect in the class of 2014. The top target was obviously stewart and is equally obviously off the board. The Bearcats coaching staff did cast a very wide in a search for scoring punch on the perimeter, but it would seem to be time to reel that net in at this point.

It seems more likely for Mick Cronin and Co. to pocket the remaining scholarship and use it in the class of 2015. With Jermaine Sanders, and Ge`Lawn Guyn are going to be seniors this coming season so if Cronin pockets that scholarship the Bearcats have three available spots in that 2015 class. That would seem to be the more prudent course of action to me.