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Top 100 Wing Elijah Stewart Visiting Cincinnati

The once and former Loyola Marymount commit has been granted his release. The 6'5" 190 pound Los Angeles native will be in the queen city on his first official visit since reopening his recruitment.

Steve Dykes

You have to believe that Stewart is the #1 on the board for Mick Cronin and his staff for one of the remaining scholarship slots. He seems like Mick's kind of guy, long 6'5" with a huge wing span and plenty of athleticism to go around. As a Senior he averaged close to 20 points per game (19.9 to be exact) en route to being named player of the year for the Los Angeles Section of the CIF.

The Bearcats took a run with Stewart from the start of the process when he reopened his recruitment upon his release from Loyola Marymount. Mick certainly has an interesting way of letting players know he is interested.

As always in recruiting getting the guy on campus is the challenge. Stewart has five schools that he plans to visit in a official capacity UC, USC, Pitt, Boston College and Oklahoma State. It might be hoping a bit too much for the visit to go so well that Stewart commits on the spot. But a guy can dream.