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2015 Maryland PG Justin Jenifer Is Visiting Cincinnati Right Now

Chad Brendal of Bearcat Journal was the first one to report the visit.

The recruiting experts have had Jenifer as a UC lean for quite some time. 7 of 9 crystal ball predictions on 247 sports have Justin Jenifer committing to the Bearcats at some point. The speculation is that if things go well this weekend Justin Jenifer will indeed become the first commit in the class of 2015.

In a lot of ways Jenifer is a departure from the kind of guys that Mick has traditionally targeted. Mick's M.O. has always been to go after length and athleticism at the 1 and try to teach them to become a point guard. That worked with Cashmere Wright,* it did not work with Ge`Lawn Guyn. Last year exposed the limitations to that approach as the Bearcats offense degenerated into a hot steaming mess far too often. The addition of Farad Cobb and the obvious targeting of Justin Jenifer would appear to show that Mick Cronin is aware of just how desperately this team needs creativity on the offensive end.

* Though his knee injuries robbed him of the athleticism that made him a special prospect as a high schooler and he became a completely different player post injury