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Cincinnati Bearcats At AAC Media Day

Yesterday the Cincinnati Bearcats were picked to finish on top of the AAC over UCF and the rest of the conference. has posted a series of interviews with Tommy Tuberville and other members of the Bearcat contingent in Rhode Island. So sit back with your morning coffee (or tea for the anglophiles amongst us) and enjoy.

A couple of thoughts

-- The sense of surprise from the players is palpable and hilarious. They are all basically saying, "Oh, so now you get that we can play. Now heading into the 6th season of consistent results since the Orange Bowl run, now you get it."

-- Munchie Legaux is going to have a career unlike any other recent Bearcat. His one and only season where he started from the beginning played out like a Harvey Dent one liner. Brendon Kay replaced him against Syracuse and became the hero of that season. Then last year Munchie won the job, in what was a widely unpopular decision and played OK in two games before suffering his injury. The weird thing is that the undercurrent of discontent that used to live beneath the surface whenever Munchie was being discussed is gone. Its hard to be hyper critical of a guy who has lived the year that Munchie has lived with an ever present smile on his face and a joke in his heart. Whatever you think of Munchie the quarterback, it's really hard to get around the fact that Munchie the guy is just an amazing dude. Or as Lindsay Crook would say, a great bloke.

-- Who decided that buttoning the top button of a polo shirt is the in thing now? Who looks at a polo shirt and thinks "This is the personification of American business casual. It is the one shirt we wear when we have to dress up, but we don't want to wear a tie. You know what it really needs? What it really needs is that top button to be buttoned. That way I can get the suffocating feeling of wearing a shirt and a tie without any of the additional stylistic benefits of wearing a tie. Its the worst of both worlds!" But really I don't get it.

-- If I were a betting man I would bet on the Bearcats planning another season opening whiteout against the Toledo Rockets