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Tommy Tuberville Previews Training Camp

Tommy G caught up with Tommy T ahead of sunday when the players will report to camp higher ground to begin practice on Monday the 10th.

Some thoughts

-- I really love that Tubs does not mince words. You put him in front of a camera and ask him a question and there is a good chance that something very, very interesting is going to come out of his mouth. Him saying that Gunner Kiel is more myth than person at this point in time. He's not wrong on that. Its just a refreshing approach from the corny orchestration of his predecessor.

-- I get the sense that when Tubs retire to his house in Hidden Valley in 5 to 10 years he will spend many hours putting puzzles together. He really loves that metaphor.

-- Starting the season two weeks after everyone else gives the Bearcats a potential advantage, they will be afforded more time to work on roster development before they start preparing for Toledo. One would think that the staff won't start game planning in earnest until they have that Toledo vs Missouri game on film.

-- Couple of roster tidbits, redshirt Korrey Cunningham has been moved to offensive line. Incoming freshman Mike Boone will indeed be a running back. Boone played a lot of receiver in high school and was evaluated by all the services as a receiver.