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Cincinnati Bearcats vs Toledo Rockets

The game thread


It's over, it's really over. The longest offseason in nearly 40 years of Bearcats football is finally over. The waiting is endemic in these parts. The Bearcats are finally going to take the field against a team other than themselves. Gunner Kiel finally gets to play in a game for the first time in three years. New starting outside linebacker finally gets to play after a year spent almost exclusively in the weight room. For Munchie Legaux its not about waiting for anything, he earned his place on this team coming back from a horrific injury. For Eric Wilson its about playing football again after sitting out last year. For many of the starters the Toledo game is an opportunity to pay them back for a bad loss back in 2011 when the Bearcats gifted the Rockets two non offensive touchdowns and still had a chance to come back and win it. The wait meant different things to different people, but the waiting is done, and the game is finally here. It's time for the Bearcats to go do what the Bearcats do.