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One Year Ago Yesterday Ben Flick Passed Away

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This is an exciting week for Bearcats everywhere. UC is 2-0 and about to play in what is arguably the biggest game of the season this saturday in Columbus against the Ohio State Buckeyes. The Bearcats are favored to win the AAC and are among a handful of teams from the Group of Five that have a chance for the at large birth in the access bowl's.

It has been such an exciting time, I have been so happy to have football back in my life that I completely forgot that yesterday was one year to the day since the passing of Ben Flick and his best friend Sean VanDyne. That was the worst day that I have had as the founder and manager of this website. I simply didn't know what to do, I knew that something had to be said, and that as much respect as possible needed to be shown for the families of Flick and VanDyne. But in the grand scheme of things that is nothing, nothing at all compared to what Ben's father Rick has been through.

I am not a believer, and I haven't been for quite some time. But there is seldom a day that goes by when I don't think about Ben, and hope that everyone who knew him, no matter if they were merely acquaintances or his best friends, has taken something from their having known Ben, and that everyone continues to keep him in their thoughts. That's how he stays around, and I know he is still around.

Gone, but never forgotten. Flick Nation.