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Cincinnati Bearcats Walk-On Running Back Chamoda Kennedy-Palmore Killed In A Motorcycle Accident

The Cincinnati Bearcats football team is once again rocked by tragedy.

Andy Lyons

Almost exactly a year after Ben Flick was lost the Cincinnati football family is once again beset by another terrible tragedy as the Liberty Township native lost his life this afternoon.

WLWT has this description of the accident.

Police said a motorcycle was southbound on Vine when a sport utility vehicle going west on Forest turned north on Vine, then left across the southbound lanes into a parking lot in the path of the motorcycle.

I am struggling for the words to put this into context. But I am failing. There is nothing I can say, nothing I can write that will make sense of any of this. This is yet another abject tragedy. All of my thoughts are with Chamoda's family and hope that they can get through this. I hope we can all get through this again.