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Cincinnati Bearcats Depth Chart vs Ohio State

There are no changes to the bearcats depth chart this week, but there will be changes to who starts this game for the Bearcats

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports


There are no listed changes on this weeks depth chart, but I expect there to be some changes in the rotation and the starters for this week's game. The two spots to watch are defensive tackle where Brad Harrah (still listed as a defensive end here) could draw the start.

The other spot to watch is at safety where Andre Jones could get the nod over Mike Tyson as the safety opposite Zach Edwards. Obviously I am not privileged to watch these guys in practice. But from what I have seen in games Jones has just been more consistent and steady than Tyson. I will always take consistency and steadiness given what the bearcats have looked like through two games.

The only other question I have from this is whether Adrian Witty is going to be able to go. Witty has been the most consistent DB and was the only one who had a good game against Toledo. UC needs him.