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Bearcats Mount A Massive Comeback Into The Break Down 30-21

As has been the case many times this year the Bearcats had a lag at the end of the first quarter and the start of the second. But the Bearcats have scored two second quarter touchdowns to get back into this.

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The Cincinnati Bearcats looked left for dead down 30 to 7 in the second quarter. But late touchdowns to Chris Moore and Johnny Holton have given the Bearcats life in this game.

The Bearcats had a dream start as Gunner Kiel went deep to Chris Moore on the first drive of the game. But after that the Buckeye's had their way scoring on four straight drives. But a change of pace at quarterback going to Jarred Evans gave the Bearcats life. Evans had an apparent touchdown to Chris Moore ruled out for an illegal man downfield. The play was identical to this one, but was ruled out for a call that is never, ever made in that situation. Even without the TD the Bearcats had life

UC is firmly in this game now, the last thing that Ohio State wanted tonight. But to keep this going the Bearcats need to solve their third quarter issues and get another stop on the first drive of the second half. Be sure to stop by the gamethread for the second half.