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Tommy Tuberville Still Waiting To Name A Starter

(sighs heavily)

I am starting to think that Tommy Tuberville is either a master game theorist trying to pull one over on the young Matt Campbell and the Toledo coaching staff; or he is the biggest troll of fans in the history of coaches trolling their own fans. This whole situation is starting to make more sense as performance art than a delayed decision coming from the coaching staff.

Here is what we know about the Bearcats quarterback competition. There are three protagonists in this drama; Gunner Kiel, Jarred Evans and Munchie Legaux. According to Tubs they might "toss a coin" and "they will all play." One would hope that those are just cliches, but you never can tell with Tubs.

In terms of how the quarterbacks have performed this off season it has been and presumably will be Gunner Kiel. Since spring he has been the man at the top of the depth chart. With the exception of one practice this camp where he worked with the two's and three's Gunner has taken the overwhelming majority of first team snaps since the start of practice.

His practice performance has been a bit up and down over the long camp. But when the lights come on and the quarterbacks go live Gunner has been by far the best of the bunch. UC has not released stats for any of the scrimmages, but he has reportedly only thrown one interception in a live scrimmage.

All of which leads me to the reasonable conclusion that Gunner Kiel will start against Toledo. I, among others, made the assumption that Brendon Kay would start last year's season opener. I, among others, was wrong about that. That situation was different because Kay had basically not thrown the football in live reps in the week leading up to the game. Gunner is healthy by all accounts, there is just a reluctance to make or at least make that decision public.