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Bearcats Unveiling Yet Another Uniform Combination Friday Night

In what has become something of a long standing tradition the Bearcats will be having one white out game this year. As it was last year it will be the first game of the year. I am sure that the fashion fiends will be all over people wearing white after labor day. They should be all about the Bearcats stormtrooper look.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports


  • I might be in the minority, but I really liked the stripe on the Bearcats red chrome Belk Bowl helmets. So seeing it back on this helmet is a big plus in my eyes. It fits in with the general theme the Bearcats have worked so hard to establish since switching over from the old C-Paw and signing with Adidas. It wouldn't be a complete shock if that style of stripe becomes the standard for the Bearcats at some point.
  • I very much like black facemasks on white helmets.
  • If I am not mistaken there is a ghosted black 3D Bearcats logo on the nose bumper.
  • The UC video department also made this video showing even more details of the new uniform


  • The Chrome C-Paw detail worked pretty well when the Bearcats had silver jersey numbers to go with it as they did last year. When the Bearcats went with the black chrome headgear with the chrome logo against Louisville it really popped. I have a feeling that it will look out of place on the Bearcats ultra clean white jersey's with the solid black numbers.

Can't wait for friday night.