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Bearcats In The Mix For A Visit From Five Star Defensive End CeCe Jefferson?

People, I think that Tommy Tuberville and his staff are really hitting their recruiting stride.

The instant reaction from most recruitniks was to read the word Cincinnati and then do a variation of this. This is the kind of prospect that the Bearcats usually only get through transfers (see: Luc, Jeff and Kiel, Gunner). So to be mentioned with CeCe Jefferson's top group is surprising. But there is an unexamined angle to consider here.

Bearcats freshman running back Mike Boone attended Baker County High School, the same school that Jefferson attends. I will not pretend to have any sort of deep inside information or insight into the relationship between Boone and Jefferson. I feel confident is saying that it exists and is presumably good in the way that things are usually good between high school teammates.

Will having Boone on the team seal the deal with Jefferson? Probably not, but it could very well help get Jefferson to the Queen City. Simply getting Jefferson on campus would be a huge deal for this coaching staff. Contrary to what the outside world thinks UC does have a lot to sell. From the campus and academics to the facilities there is much to sell, and kids who don't come from the Cincinnati bubble are far more likely to hear those positives than the ones that hail from inside that bubble. If the Bearcats are going to get Jefferson to sign on the dotted line they have a huge uphill battle. Florida is the team that everyone expects Jefferson to land with. He has been to Gainesville for both of the Gator's games and it would take a lot to get him to go elsewhere. It would take a superhuman effort to get him to be a Bearcat.

....weird day.