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Wild Speculation: Tommy Tuberville Is Trolling Everyone With His Quarterback Decision

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Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

"I'm just keeping everybody on their toes, including you (media) guys," Tuberville said. "See, if I didn't say stuff like that, you all wouldn't have anything to write."

That from yesterday's Enquirer. Its also as close as we are going to get to Tuberville naming someone a starter. Unless Tubs decides to throw everyone for a loop a name his starter during his weekly press conference today we will carry this competition to the end.

But we sort of already know who it will be for the Bearcats, Gunner Kiel. Gunner has been at the top of the depth chart throughout the process. He has taken the vast majority of the reps with the starters and the system is tailor made to suite his strengths as a passer. All signs point to Gunner, and it seems that everyone associated with the program would readily acknowledge that off the record. But until it is on the record we wait.