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Gunner Kiel Is The Bearcats Starter. For Real This Time.



 So the long awaited Gunner Kiel era is about to begin. We have known that this was the most likely outcome for quite a while, monthsn in fact. But Tommy Tuberville has shown little interest in confirming or refuting the narratives that always come with the quarterback position. Tuberville has certainly enjoyed his run hanging this over the heads of everyone associated with the program. However close obsewrvers have known that Gunner was the pick long before that pick was made public this afternoon.

As for what this means for the season its hard to tell. The expectations have never been higher for the Bearcats even as the noise surrounding the program has skewed a tiny bit negative over the last couple of seasons with the conference situation. Bottom line, we are three days from football, and Gunner Kiel will be the quarterback.