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Gamethread: Bearcats at Pirates

Super Sunday's upon us and fans in Cincinnati and Eastern Carolina couldn't be more excited.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Away games still worry me a bit, but today's tilt against the ECU Pirates is one that definitely favors the Bearcats. They just match up well with ECU. And a victory today is obviously huge for the AAC regular season race:

Tulsa still sits atop of the league, undefeated, but the gauntlet of their schedule kicks off this week. They won't finish undefeated.

SMU still boasts only one league loss (to our beloved Bearcats), and things are about to get interesting for them schedule-wise.

And then our Cincinnati Bearcats are holding strong in third with 3 league losses, and a ton of opportunity ahead of them. One thing's for sure, I'm having a blast watching these JUCO's and freshman blend together and grow up with the few returning players on the roster.

Are you starting to believe yet? Have you completely "bought-in" to this rag-tag team in Clifton?

Join our discussion below, and let us know where you see the Bearcats at the end of the season.