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Cincinnati Bearcats Pre Signing Day Recruiting Round Up

With National Signing Day fast approaching the Bearcats had one last weekend of action on the recruiting trail.

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Garrett Jansen Flips To Iowa

The Cincinnati Bearcats ventured into uncharted territory when they secured a commitment from Jansen back in June. This past weekend Jansen flipped his commitment to the in state Iowa Hawkeyes. The falling out between the Bearcats and their long term commitment started when Tommy Tuberville approached Jansen about grey shirting.

Those plans changed earlier this month when the Cincinnati coaches informed him they wanted to delay the start of his career, which led Jansen to take a look at Northern Iowa.

That prompted Jansen to take a look around. He was set to become a Panther when the Hawkeyes came calling with an offer. He promptly accepted.

The Bearcats meanwhile remain pretty well set at the defensive line with four commitments in the fold. You also have to keep in mind that the Bearcats added 6 defensive lineman in last years class, and all of them were red shirted. Tommy Tuberville didn't love the depth or lack thereof he inherited when he took the program over, and he has been very active in addressing that need over the last two classes.

Bearcats Hit The Glenville Pipeline Again

Cleveland Glenville is home to as much talent year after year as any other Ohio high school program. The Bearcats haven't exactly lived on Tarblooders,* but they have been around over the years. Curtis Young was standout player along the defensive line during the 2008 and 2009 seasons. Alex Pace is a more recent Glenville guy, and a gentleman that showed tremendous promise this year as a sophomore and should be ready for a bigger role in 2015.

*Actual nickname

The latest Glenville kid to become a Bearcat is Trevon Story, a 5'9" 165 pound all purpose weapon. I have no idea where the Bearcats will wind up playing him, be it on defense or offense. I have no idea what his natural position is either. I just know that he is a good football player.

I also don't know if Story will be a part of this class, or a grey shirt, or a sign and place JUCO situation. I have heard all of the above in regards to Story, but I don't know what is what at this point. Hopefully Tommy Tuberville can shed some light on this during his signing day press conference.

Bearcats Nab California Athlete

I am perplexed that the Bearcats are venturing this far west in this class, I am surprised after watching his hudl mixtape that Deguara is un ranked by any of the four major recruiting services. I am also purplexed how he managed to play this season on one of the most dominant state champions in recent California history. In an offense that set national records for passing yards and touchdowns. With a top 100 player for his quarterback and Deguara flew completely under the radar on a team with 5 other major recruits on it. Watch for yourself, because I don't know what I am missing.

Josiah is listed on various recruiting sites as being anywhere from 6'3 to 6'1" depending on where you visit. He is obviously extraordinarily gifted catching the football, but he was a man without a position in that offense. He is listed as a classic receiver by everyone, but that isn't really the position he played. What he played could best be described as a flex tight end. Think Travis Kelce circa 2011, and I think that is where he ends up with the Bearcats. To play that position well he will obviously have to be devoted to the weight room and really change his body type. This is a situation where everyone perceives a kid one way, and a coaching staff sees something else and takes a flier on him. I have no idea if Deguara can or will be a front line contributor for the Bearcats down the line, but I am intrigued by his skill set for the position the Bearcats will have him play.

Marquise Copeland Visits Kentucky, Stays Firm With Cincinnati

Copeland originally spurned the Wildcats for the Bearcats, much to the shock and horror of Kentucky fans. But when the Wildcats class started falling apart around them*, they got desperate and got in contact with some old flames. One of whom was Copeland who visited the Lexington campus this past weekend.

*At one point considered a top 25 class UK now sits 45th and will probably continue to fall unless they find 10 magical four stars heretofore undiscovered.

This was not the first time that Copeland entertained other suitors, Illinois tried desperately to get him on campus but couldn't. Which makes the freak out about Copeland's visit over the weekend understandable. Regardless the prevailing opinion among industry types is that Copeland will sign with UC on Wednesday.