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Ross Trail Is Officially A Bearcat

The quarterback position was not an immediate need for the Bearcats in the class on 2015. But with Gunner Kiel having just two years of eligibility remaining finding a viable replacement was a necessity. In Wynne Arkansas native Ross Trail the Bearcats have found a really good candidate to take up the mantle in a few years.


  • 6'3" 200
  • Quarterback
  • Wynne High School, Wynne Arkansas


Quick Take

There is a lot to like about Ross Trail as a quarterback prospect. Physically he has the stature that you want to run this kind of pocket based offense. He is 6'3" 200 pounds and built pretty well. He moves well in the pocket, and is a capable of exploiting space as a runner should it appear.

As a passer he has a solid foundation, but he could use some refining. He has a really good  feet which are "live" as the expression goes. He doesn't spend a whole lot of time with his cleats in the ground which is great from an injury prevention standpoint. But what I like best about him is the way that he is able transfer energy from his feet, through his legs and ending with his arms. The effect is like that of a whip being cracked, but that has proven to be the most efficient way to transfer energy throwing a football.

When he walks onto the practice field for the Bearcats this summer Darrin Hinshaw and Eddie Gran are not going to have to spend much time at all rebuilding his throwing motion because it is a pretty classical release. What the coaching staff will have to work on is more detail orientated. Getting Trail to shorten his base, to stop slipping into the occasional over stride and to be more consistent in generating rotational force on his deep throws. He has all the tools, he just needs refinement.

Like almost every non JUCO signee in this class Trail is headed for a red shirt in 2015. That is for the best, it will give him a chance to sit, watch and learn from Gunner Kiel for a year (hopefully 2) before he enters the fray for the starting job with Hayden Moore.