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The Cincinnati Bearcats Will Play Purdue In Louisville

The biggest fear for the Bearcat fans everywhere this year was being slotted for the Louisville site against the tournaments #1 overall seed Kentucky, and that is exactly where the Bearcats are at.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The talk of Kentucky though over shadows the match up with Purdue. The Boilermakers are a team where even their own fans are surprised at how high on the seed line they got. They are also a team that has won 14 straight first round games, which seems like a misprint to me, but is actually true. Nonetheless the Boiler's are a team that plays a style that the Bearcats can combat. They are a highly efficient offensive team, but they can struggle against elite defenses, which is what the Bearcats are and have been all season long.

The concern for Bearcat fans is just how quickly the Boliermakers can move the ball around to find weaknesses is the Bearcats preferred match up zone. Some teams have been able to exploit that look for consistent easy buckets by moving the ball quicker than the Bearcats can move their defense. Purdue and UC are two really evenly matched teams, and it should make for a great basketball game, even if there is a whirring machine of doom hovering above the whole scene.