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Offense Carries The Day In Spring Game

The easiest way to dismiss a spring game performance is to claim that it came in a glorified scrimmage. That is true, but the meaning is deeper because this will be the last time before September that the Bearcats play for an extended period with anything resembling game intensity. The results were what most expected, domination from the offense.

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If you are expecting a top 25 defense to magically appear for the Bearcats then you should probably not look at the stat sheet which is, um, one sided. That is not surprising, this offense returns almost everyone of significance from last years group which was easily one of the 25 or 30 best offenses in the country. If this offense doesn't wind up being one of the 10 or 15 best groups in the country in 2015 something will have gone seriously wrong.

That offense should dominate most defenses it faces, and they did so against a Bearcats defense that was down several key contributors. Silverberry Mouhon sat, so did Zach Edwards, Brandon Mitchell,* Aaron Brown and Linden Stephens. That a defense comprised mostly of first year players, rotational guys and backups from last year struggled against one of the best offenses in the country shouldn't discourage anyone.

* Mitchell will most likely not play in 2015

For the Bearcats to have a dream season on par with 2009 the defense doesn't need to be great, it just needs to give the offense some margin for error. Whether or not they are capable of doing that is still very much up in the air. Some of Tuberville's guys are starting to come through the system on the defensive line. Cortez Broughton had a great spring and looked every bit the future star at defensive tackle. Landon Braziel and Kevin Mouhon both flashed big potential throughout the spring.

After a day in which the offense dominated vast swathes of the action some are questioning how far the young defenders come over the summer. They will get bigger, stronger and better, but will it be enough to give the offense breathing room? Get back at me on September 6th.

What seems clear from everything I have read, and most of which I have heard is that UC has the defensive pieces in place to become a very good defense at some point in the future? When that future comes to be is an open question. Last year's defense was young, and this year's group will prove to be just as young, but this group should be better. More depth, more talent, better scheme all three are important to remember.There were things to like about how the young guys competed with such a good offense, but they are hard to find amid the rubble. It's the job of this staff to find and accentuate them.