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From the Video Vault: Recapping the Bearcats' Final Four Run on CBS' Final Four Show

We're diving into the "vault" and pulling out some of the historical moments that have since become the fabric of Cincinnati Bearcats history. What better way to start than with a Final Four run?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The 1991-1992 Cincinnati Bearcats were the first Final Four team I ever picked correctly who didn't have a number "1" beside their name. I may have been the only fifth grader outside of Hamilton County to have figured the Anthony Buford, Corie Blount, and Nick Van Exel-led Bearcats to be Metrodome-bound and I was certainly the only one in Vermont to have picked them for the Final Four.

I have been bragging about this Final Four pick for more than 20 years. I wore my Nick Van Exel Lakers jersey to the Elks Club for last Friday night's fish supper just to brag about it to my fraternal brethren for the 500th time.

In the first of many videos from the Bearcats' video vault, here is a beautifully grandiose take on UC's run through the Midwest Regional courtesy of CBS' Final Four Show from April 1992.