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Down the Drive Pulse: June 12

I know it's been a long week and you're excited for more UC news. It's okay, I'm here for you and I have cookies... not really, but I do have some interesting Cincinnati Bearcats links.

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Alas, we have the second straight week of the Down the Drive Pulse and boy, was it a surprisingly busy one for storylines.

Before we dive too far into our links, I want to present a more somber story. This past week, former Bearcats swimmer Nate Kramer died after a four-year fight with Leukemia. Hearts and prayers go out to his family and friends. If you want more on his fight, please consult this great piece from back in 2012.

- Getting into our links this week, let's begin with this article from Dan Hoard over at It's a nice feature on Leviticus Payne and his hybrid role within the Bearcats defense as a linebacker with coverage ability. How valuable is that in college football today?

- Sticking with football, we have an update on former Bearcat great Zach Collaros from The Front Office News, who is rockin' it in the Canadian Football League. It's good to see Collaros showcasing his fine quarterbacking skills at the pro-level. Below is a recent Canadian Football League season preview with Collaros as the main guest for your enjoyment.

Going back to, we have Bill Koch with an interesting story on Gary Clark and his offseason plans as he strives to improve upon a solid freshman season. Speaking of which, check out our Gary Clark season in review while you're thinking about basketball.

"Coming into the locker room (after the game), Shaq Thomas was so furious," Clark said. "All you heard him say was, `We're this close. We're this close.' To know that we're coming back with the same guys, you can't do anything but be excited about what's to come with this team."

- You may have seen our Fanshot on the NCAA rule changes. Thanks to the Cincinnati Enquirer, we get to hear Mick Cronin's thoughts. The big piece of news with the rule changes is the shot clock changing from 35-seconds to 30-seconds. Cronin mentions that he likes the way it impacts the pace of the game. We will wait to see how it truly impacts the Bearcats pace.

- Ian Happ has been a major storyline for the Cincinnati BearcatsHapp was officially drafted by the Chicago Cubs with the ninth overall pick in the MLB Draft on Monday. If you missed it, relive the moment here, courtesy of He also has taken home further All-America honors.

- Finally, let's take a gander to our first installment of the Bearcats Breakdown Show, another great addition to our Cincinnati NBA Draft and some Beatles hooliganism. And we will conclude with an entertaining tweet of Will Ferrell in a Reds uniform. I think it's funny anyway.