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The First Bearcats Breakdown Show - June 9, 2015

The greatest 13 minutes and 55 seconds of your day. The Bearcats Breakdown Show -'s Premiere Podcast Show

The Bearcats Breakdown Show was created all the way back on July 10, 1990. That day in history gave us 2 major events...
1. The 61st MLB All-Star game was held at Wrigley Field in which the A.L. won 2-0 and Julio Franco won the MVP


2. Both Scotty Whitehouse and Corey Trombley were born. Which at the time, was considered by Congress to become a National Holiday.

Flash forward to today and you have Julio Franco as a player-manager over in Japan and the other two babbling idiots, who love beer and college athletes (nothing like 2 dudes texting all day about younger dudes playing sports) talking on a podcast. How the world can turn in almost 25 years.

The Bearcats Breakdown Show will try and touch on all things UC including the major sports and some unknown athletic events happening around the Clifton campus. Please comment below on any questions or ideas you may have about our next show! Enjoy!

Scotty Whitehouse - Currently lives in Indianapolis and works on his golf game during the weekends.

Corey Trombley - Currently lives in Loveland, Ohio and works on strategies to finally beat Scotty at golf during the weekends.