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Tommy Tuberville Named to AAC All-Handsome Head Coach, Second Team

Tuberville among the AAC's handsomest. Yeah, you read that right.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Several weeks ago, our very own Tommy Tuberville was named by me to the AAC All-Handsome Head Coach, Second Team. In the AACFootballFever article that announced my 2015 All-Handsome team selections, I described Tuberville, a three-time All-Handsome SEC first teamer, as a "salt and pepper Roy Orbison doppelganger."

Tuberville’s eagle eyes, fulsome head of hair, and Lyndon Baines Johnson-esque facial features were enough to earn first team All-Conference honors when he coached at Ole Miss and Auburn.  Unfortunately for Coach Tuberville, there is a lot more competition in the AAC than the SEC. What the SEC is to the BCS, the AAC is to handsome head coaches. There is no one coaching in the SEC who is half as handsome as AAC’s All-Handsome medal stand: Bronze medalist Willie "The Million Dollar Smile" Taggart of South Florida; Silver medalist Chad "Harlequin Cover" Morris of SMU, or Gold medalist Bob "Tall, Dark, and Handsome" Diaco of UConn.

To go along with a solid early 2016 recruiting haul and a promising return to Nippert Stadium, Tuberville can add this selection to his list of accomplishments.

Who has his phone number?

This is important.