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From the Video Vault: Think for Yourself

Let's have a relaxing Sunday night and take a listen to UC's own Jeff Austin and the Yonder Mountain Sting Band pick their way through the Beatles' "Think for Yourself."

Karl Walter/Getty Images

Jeff Austin is a UC man.

He studied at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music before joining up with the Yonder Mountain String Band, the leaders of progressive bluegrass movement of the aughts.

From the video vault this evening, UC's Jeff Austin leads the Yonder Mountain String Band through the Beatles' "Think for Yourself."

I, for one, don't much approve of a UC man spending his time fiddling with the Beatles. If you recall, the Beatles caused a lot of trouble in the Queen City back in '64. Those mop-topped hooligans almost ruined the reputation of Cincinnati.

If I won the lottery I would make the Beatles illegal and Burger King mandatory.

And I would make NBC put on the Winter Olympics every year in Lake Placid, New York. I like watching the luge and they don't have the luge on tv much unless they have the Olympics. Let's have it every year, then.