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Bearcat Player Power Rankings: Week Four

Gary Clark returned to form and Kyle Washington continued to dominate.

NCAA Basketball: Cincinnati at Iowa State Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

Upsetting Iowa State on the road last Thursday meant more than a few players put together great performances for the Cincinnati Bearcats this past week. Now 7-1 and with the No. 22 ranking in the AP poll, UC is riding high and on its way to a big showdown with undefeated Butler this weekend. Here’s where the players on the roster stand as that matchup looms.

13. Jackson Bart (LW 12)

Bart dropped to the No. 13 spot after putting together a trillion against Bowling Green.

12. John Koz (LW 13)

UC really pounded the Falcons and that gave Koz a chance to come in and record his first career rebound.

11. Zack Tobler (LW 11)

Tobler matched a season-high with two minutes of play against Bowling Green and he splashed a three in the contest.

10. Quadri Moore (LW 10)

Moore actually accrued a negative game score this past week (-0.1), doing very little across six combined minutes against Iowa State and Bowling Green.

9. Jarron Cumberland (LW 6)

The freshman didn’t put on an encore to his 17-point outburst against Lipscomb. He played 12.5 minutes per game during the last two contests but produced only two points on .111 shooting. All of that production came against Bowling Green, where he had two points, six rebounds and three assists.

8. Tre Scott (LW 4)

Gary Clark’s injury was not as bad as it appeared and that meant Scott took a back seat yet again, managing only 13 minutes per game. He grabbed three rebounds and missed his only shot attempt against Iowa State, but was more of the defensive glass-pounder we’ve started to see against Bowling Green, tallying four boards, two steals and two points on 1-of-4 shooting.

7. Nysier Brooks (LW 8)

The Bearcats got only two points off the bench in the win over Iowa State and Brooks was responsible for those. He also showed some more scoring acumen against Bowling Green, netting six points on 2-of-3 shooting and 2-of-4 at the charity stripe across 13 minutes of play. Brooks is averaging fewer points (3.3) and rebounds (1.5) per game than Scott (4.4 and 3.7) but he was a bit better this week.

NCAA Basketball: Cincinnati at Iowa State Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

6. Kevin Johnson (LW 7)

Nobody played more minutes per game than Johnson over the last two games (33.5) and KJ did some solid work with all that time. He averaged 8.5 points a contest and put up 11 points in the win over Iowa State. Even though he continues to struggle from 3-point range (1-for-6 the last two games), contributing 11 points in a game when your team only scores 55 must be appreciated.

5. Justin Jenifer (LW 9)

Bowling Green sure made a lot of Bearcats looked good. After playing only five minutes and doing virtually nothing against Iowa State, Jenifer tallied a career-high 14 points on 5-of-8 shooting against the Falcons. Sure, his big night came in a blowout but that type of promise is more deserving of reward than other performances this past week.

4. Jacob Evans (LW 2)

Evans’ role as scoring dynamo has deteriorated over the last few weeks. That’s not to say Evans can’t still light it up, but he is now averaging 15.9 points per game after being up in the 20s for the first few weeks. He netted a season-low seven points against Bowling Green, which was fine since he wasn’t really needed in the rout, but his 11 points against Iowa State marked the fourth-straight game in which he has been below 15 points and the third time in four games he has shot below 40 percent from the field. However, the icy coolness with which he sank the game-winning free-throws against Iowa State show that he is still an assassin with the ball.

3. Troy Caupain (LW 3)

Caupain holds steady at No. 3 after another week of doing the little things that don’t grab headlines (i.e. score points). He helped on the boards in the win over Iowa State, securing 10 rebounds as UC earned a 45-31 edge on the glass. That made up some for his 0-for-6 night from beyond the arc. He then tallied 12 points on 5-of-8 shooting to go with four rebounds and four assists against Bowling Green. Caupain isn’t being asked to carry the scoring load and is doing a lot around the rest of the stat sheet to keep UC on the winning track.

2. Gary Clark (LW 5)

He’s back. Gary Clark is effin’ back. No other player was as instrumental to UC’s upset of the Cyclones as Clark, who shook off the effects of an injury to record 11 points, 10 rebound and three blocks, his first double-double of the season. He then worked up eight points, six rebounds and three assists in 24 restful minutes against Bowling Green. Expect more double-doubles in the future.

1. Kyle Washington (LW 1)

Another week, another dominating showing from Washington. The 6’9” forward was named American Athletic Conference Player of the Week and who am I to argue? Like Clark, Washington ate up the paint against Iowa State, finishing with 13 points and 10 rebounds, including four on the offensive glass. He followed that up with a career-high 24 points, not to mention three blocks, against Bowling Green. He is now the only player on the roster to have scored in double figures in every game this season and obviously his rebounding and defense have been fantastic. As long as he keeps playing like this, he will remain at the top of these rankings and, more importantly, UC will keep winning.