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National Signing Day: Cincinnati Signs Safety Perry Young

The three-star safety/corner officially signs with the Bearcats.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports




The first thing you notice when watching the highlight tape below is that Young is ruthless and has an incredible motor. He flies to the ball and is a smart player who plays with great tenacity. He has the size of a smaller safety, but played a lot of linebacker in high school. It is actually very entertaining to watch Young rush the passer and shoot gaps in the run game. Size is a concern moving forward, but this is a really good football player who figures to play a "Leviticus Payne" sort of role as a multi-purpose tool on defense.

I'm a big fan of Young, how he plays and the sort of contributor he could be with the Bearcats. It's hard to project where exactly he will fit into the Cincinnati defense and if his smaller stature limits his potential, but Young is always seems to be around the ball making plays. I really like this pick up for Cincinnati.