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National Signing Day: Cincinnati Signs Athlete Tyquan Statham

Cincinnati officially signed three-star athlete Tyquan Statham earlier this morning.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports




Statham is a big get for the Bearcats, settling in atop Cincinnati's board, according to composite score. Statham was picking between the Bearcats, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest. It's good for Bearcats fans that Statham chose the red and black.

Statham is another one of those great football players who seems capable of stepping in at nearly any position and holding his own. He is a very good running back, displaying great vision and power. That said, he was recruited by Cincinnati's safeties coach Jeff Koonz.

At 6-foot-2, 210 pounds, Statham has great size for the safety position and could find himself in a bit of a hybrid role defensively. His athleticism is a great asset and makes him very versatile. As a defender, Statham is a very good tackler, who shows good form tackling and great instincts. He is also more than capable of dishing out crushing hits. He seems to crave contact and wins most of those battles.

Statham is a phenomenal add to the Cincinnati 2016 class. Look for him to transition to a permanent role on defense and then play his way onto the field.