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Bearcat 'Crootin: All Quiet on the 'Crootin Front

After several weeks of big splashes and a multitude of offers, this past week in recruiting, which included the Memorial Day weekend, was a bit less active.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

While Jim Harbaugh and Nick Saban may have crossed passive aggressive swords across the interwebs in relation to a hot-button issue in recruiting (satellite camps), there wasn't as many fireworks for Cincinnati recruiting this week. If Harbaugh and Saban sent off Roman candles, UC's staff was working with a half burned out sparkler. Likely a symptom of the holiday weekend, it still doesn't mean there weren't any advancements made in building the future for the Bearcats.

In football, two offers found their way to potential recruits.

The first went to a player that could really turn heads at Nippert. Tobias Larry, an outside linebacker from Lakeland, Florida is a three-star prospect according to 247Sports. He is the No. 77 outside linebacker of the 2017 class and the No. 166 recruit from Florida. Standing 6-foot-2 and weighing in at 190 pounds, Harris could probably slot in at safety in the future if the need arises. He has been recruited quite heavily, getting offers from programs from up and down the eastern seaboard as well as the Midwest. Schools he is considering include USF, UCF, UMass, Louisville and Kentucky, among others.

Another potential add for the defense is Harrell Blackmon, who is listed as a safety for the 2017 class. At 6-foot-1 and 185 pounds, he is of a similar build to Larry so he could potentially play another position. Blackmon has gotten interest from some serious programs, including squads from the vaunted SEC. Alabama, Ole Miss and Tennessee have expressed interest, but Mississppi State is the only team from conference to send an offer. 247Sports is predicting that Blackmon, who hails from Jackson, Mississippi, will stick to his home state and sign with the Bulldogs, but time will tell.

On the basketball side of the world, there were even fewer rumblings but a release from a conference rival at least sparked a bit of interest for UC. Paul Biancardi, ESPN's national director of recruiting, reported that  Jeremy Carter-Sheppard was released from UC.

A point guard from Richmond, Virginia, Carter-Sheppard is a 2016 class prospect who has received heaps of interest. He has an offer from the Bearcats as well as East Carolina, Richmond and Xavier, among others.