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UC’s Letter of Interest to the Big 12 is Perfect

Simple and to the point. #Big12Confirmed indeed.

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The Cincinnati Enquirer reported that Beverly Davenport, interim president of the University of Cincinnati, sent a letter of interest to Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby on July 25.

The letter is Hemingway-esque in that there are no frills and no filler. Davenport clearly and efficiently says UC is interested in not only joining the Big 12, but “moving forward” with its candidacy for inclusion in the conference. In essence, Davenport said “Hello. We know you know we are interested. Let’s do this thing.” The only way this could have been more to the point would be if Davenport had simply texted Bowlsby “What’s good?”

This letter was likely a formality as part of the Big 12’s expansion process since UC has been publicly and privately courting the conference for the last few years. If Bowlsby somehow didn’t know UC was interested before this letter, then he may need more help than he can get by adding schools to the Big 12.

As the machinations of expansion continue to slowly grind forward, this letter doesn’t amount to much. It doesn’t mean UC is going to be admitted or that it is closer to it than any other candidate. (And there are a whole lot of them). Additionally, it doesn’t add anything new to UC’s already strong case. Still, its nice to see in clean black and white ink and without any unnecessary verbiage that UC is very serious about becoming a Big 12 member.