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Clayton Picks All the Games Correctly: Week 10- Thursday Night Special

The Wrestling Personas of the AAC

Connecticut v Temple Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

We have an awfully exciting AAC matchup this Thursday night.

Navy (5-2) at Temple (3-5):

Here is an updated, scientific list of the wrestling personas of the AAC Football programs:

Houston: Face

UCF: Heel

Tulsa: Heel that just blew a big push. That’s actually just a long winded way of saying “Baron Corbin.”

Memphis: Heel henchman who puts over the face on free TV two weeks before his boss faces the same face on Pay-Per-View.

Temple: Heel that has just gotten over with the marks.

USF: Sami Zayn October 2016

SMU: Sami Zayn October 2017

Tulane: Johnny Gargano

Navy: Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake

Cincinnati: Bob Backlund at Wrestlemania 9

UConn: Iron Mike Sharpe

East Carolina: The Bella Twins’ brother

Final Score: Temple 33 Navy 30

As always, this is a work of parody and not intended to be taken seriously. For more of the same, follow me on Twitter: @ClaytonTrutor