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Clayton Picks All the Games Correctly: Week 10- The Richardsonian Romanesque Edition

I’m taking you on an architectural tour of the AAC

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Controversy Continues Over Potential Bush Library At SMU Photo by Brian Harkin/Getty Images

Way to bounce back this week, “The Miss Cleo of College Football.”

A lot of good picks you had.

You’re right. That Tulsa team isn’t so good this year.

Yes, I realize that the building featured with this story is not Richardsonian Romanesque.

Getty Images didn’t have any examples that were easily accessible. This building is Dallas Hall at SMU. The significance of this building to this story will become evident once you start reading.

Last Week: 12-4

Season to Date: 99-50

Our Game: Cincinnati (2-6) at Tulane (3-5): While visiting New Orleans, take the time to enjoy Tulane’s beautiful campus. Their St. Charles Avenue campus includes a number of 19th century architectural gems, including several Elizabethan and Richardsonian Romanesque structures. Oak trees dot the campus, giving it the tone, color, and texture you would expect from the landscaping of a world class university. Gibson Hall, Tulane’s oldest building, is a particular favorite of mine with its characteristic Richardsonian Romanesque features, including groin vaults, picturesque massing, recessed entrances, and decorative arcading.

Final Score: Cincinnati 34 Tulane 28

The Rest of the AAC:

Memphis (7-1) at Tulsa (2-7): You like architecture? Then you will love the University of Tulsa’s campus, which had a “U” shaped main quadrant known as Dietler Commons. I love the continuity of style on the Tulsa campus. Virtually all of their buildings feature a classic, Collegiate Gothic motif. The exteriors of most of the buildings come from Tennessee’s Crab Orchard sandstone quarries while the slate on their roofs comes straight from Fair Haven, Vermont, which has a top-notch Dunkin’ Dounts at the Mobil station.

Final Score: Memphis 45 Tulsa 12

UCF (8-0) at SMU (6-2): SMU’s University Park campus is an architectural gem. Its lush lawns, manicured gardens, and Georgian architecture were inspired by the University of Virginia’s similarly gorgeous campus. Dallas Hall, “The Hilltop,” has a classic institutional rotunda. Sparse in ornamentation, Dallas Hall’s clean, symmetrical exterior lends its university a sense of gravitas one feels on few other campuses.

Conversely, gravitas is not a word I associate with the University of Central Florida.

Final Score: SMU 49 UCF 42

East Carolina (2-6) at Houston (5-3): The University of Houston’s campus is also laden with architectural masterpieces. I am particularly fond of the Ezekiel Cullen Building on the main campus. I love the clean lines, shell limestone exterior, and symmetry of this Art Deco structure.

Final Score: Houston 70 East Carolina 7

USF (7-1) at UConn (3-5): UConn’s campus is probably at a run-down strip-mall or something. Situated picturesquely between an Aaron’s and a nail salon.

Final Score: USF 49 UConn 0

The Rest of the Country:

Oklahoma (7-1) at Oklahoma State (7-1): Don’t get me wrong. OU has some architectural masterpieces on its campus. The Bizzell Memorial Library, Ellison Hall, and McCasland Field House are all superb. Unfortunately, the collective architectural aesthetic of Norman is a bit of a hodge podge. I prefer the consistent Collegiate Georgian look of the Oklahoma State campus.

Final Score: Oklahoma State 38 Oklahoma 37

This is a work of parody and not intended to be taken seriously. For more of the same, follow me on Twitter: @ClaytonTrutor