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Sad Pizza Man

A modest tribute to Urban Meyer

Big Ten Championship Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

It was a tough day for the Buckeyes and a tough day specifically for UC alum Urban Meyer. He was surprised that the Buckeyes did not get in.

I thought the committee picked the four best teams, but I respect Urban’s opinion and the performance of his team last night in the Big 10 Championship game. They played well against an awfully good Wisconsin team.

Urban was a fine defensive back for the Bearcats and seems like a fine gentleman. Count me as an admirer of his.

In other news, I came across these guys on the internet who make these wild trick shot videos called Dude Perfect. What they can do with a basket and a camera is quite something.

Urban, if you are reading. Get something good to eat like a pepperoni personal pan pizza and fire up your computer and watch these videos. They are really quite something.