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Bearcats Box Lunch: Kenyon Martin and Point Guards

Today we revisit a dark time for the Bearcats and examine how point guard play is important.

Kenyon Martin

The internet is a big, wide open, scary place. Why should you have to dive into its depths and find stories that pertain to the Cincinnati Bearcats when we can do it for you? Here’s what the world wide web has to offer today.

On March 9, 2000 Kenyon Martin broke his leg and Cincinnati’s national title hopes went with it. (Ryan Clark; WCPO)

How well UC’s point guards play seems to have a major impact on the team’s ability to go deep into March. (Justin Berg; Bearcat Journal)

Ty Van Fossen is an inside linebacker prospect for the 2018 class and he has some familiarity with the UC staff. (Shane Kinnee; Bearcat Journal)

A.J. Bumpass was named to the American Athletic Conference weekly honor roll after batting .500 during the weekend. (

Offensive struggles are a major obstalce standing in the way of a suprirse Final Four run for UC. (Myron Medcalf; ESPN)

Rhode Island, which beat the Bearcats during the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame Tip-Off back in November, is a bubble team to keep an eye on. (Matt Norlander; CBS Sports)