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From the Video Vault: Squires Wins AAC Golfer of the Year

The Cincinnati sophomore will compete in the NCAA tourney as an individual.

I’ll be the first to admit that golf is not covered much here at Down the Drive, but after the season Cincinnati Bearcats sophomore Austin Squires has had, its time we change that a bit. Squires was named the American Athletic Conference Golfer of the Year on Friday and is on his way to compete in the NCAA Tournament.

Squires was excellent on the green and fairways this season, setting a school record 71.71 stroke average and earning an individual invite to participate in the NCAA Tournament. He is the fifth Bearcat ever to do so, joining George McManis, Geoff Hensley, Jon Nichols and David Tepe. Squires will compete in the West Lafayette Regional, which will feature No. 1 seed Florida. Squires will join 44 other individuals and 81 teams in the NCAA tourney, which begins with regional play on May 15.

Squires took some time to discuss his fantastic sophomore campaign with in the wake of his AAC award and now he’s the subject of this week’s video vault.