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The All-Time Favorite Cincinnati Bearcat Basketball Player Tournament: Mick Cronin Region Round Three

This is a very chalky region.

Steve Logan #22...

Before we dive headfirst into the weekend, let’s go over the results of voting on the second round of the Mick Cronin region of the The All-Time Favorite Cincinnati Bearcat Basketball Player Tournament.

The No. 4 and No. 5 matchup in this one showed just how evenly matched they were, while the rest of the bracket was fairly textbook.

No. 1 Sean Kilpatrick defeats No. 8 Dion Dixon

Its never fun to see teammates fight. Luckily, Kilpatrick made this an easy one, catching 96.2 percent of the vote. While they both played on the same team together, Kilpatrick was always the better player, and apparently the favorite as well. The second most prolific scorer in UC history and a first-team All-American, Kilpatrick’s rise in the NBA probably hasn’t hurt his stock either.

No. 4 Pat Cummings defeats No. 5 Pete Mickeal

I almost feel like Mickeal should be given a rematch because this was such a close vote. Cummings received 50.9 percent, just edging out one of Kenyon Martin’s best teammates and an important player during the Bob Huggins era. I guess some folks still remember that Cummings was the 1979 Metro Conference Player of the Year.

No. 2 Steve Logan defeats No. 10 Gary Clark

Logan did not have a problem with Gary Clark, winning this by an 81.1 to 18.9 percent count. While Clark is a beloved figure in UC basketball currently, Logan was a first-team All-American. But who knows, next time we hold this tournament maybe Clark, who is entering his senior season, will advance further.

No. 3 Jason Maxiell defeats No. 6 Deonta Vaughn

This one surprised me a bit, even if Maxiell was a higher seed. Vaughn is fourth in all-time scoring at UC and has a first-team All-Big East honor to his name. Still, Maxiell was a pretty dominant frontcourt presence and was named Cincinnati’s team MVP in 2004 and 2005.

That’s it. There are no more round two discussions to be had. Now to the third round. But first, the updated bracket.

No. 1 Sean Kilpatrick vs. No. 4 Pat Cummings

In one corner you have a man who scored 2,145 points in a Bearcats uniform. On the other, you have Cummings, who scored a not-too-shabby 1,762. Cummings may have gained enough support to push into the Sweet 16 but I’m pretty certain that’s where the ride ends.

No. 2 Steve Logan vs. No. 3 Jason Maxiell

Logan will face another frontcourt monster who rebounded and blocked shots well. He was able to dispatch of Clark, but Maxiell will be tougher to get past. Even if Logan had the hardware and the points scored, Maxiell was UC basketball in the final years of the Bearcats’ time in C-USA.

But my guesses as to who will win don’t mean anything, but your vote does.